The mission of TIS is to equip students with the necessary tools and essential skills vital to achieving academic excellence and to prepare the students so as to participate and contribute responsibly to contemporary society as informed and aware, active, aware and caring citizens.


TIS is committed to offering a quality education for its students in order to enable them to think on a global scale, while being  profoundly dedicated to the traditional values that allow them to be proud citizens of their country, well acquainted with the environments in which they live, and capable of forming individual and group relationships to cope with ongoing and forthcoming challenges, locally and globally.


         The commitments of TIS are:

  • to provide a diverse and challenging curriculum  that will meet the needs, interests and abilities of  the students,
  • to build and improve students’ confidence and appreciation of their self-identity,
  • to enhance and expand upon the students’ personal and academic achievements,
  • To develop the individual students’ sense of discipline, moral values and social responsibilities
  • To educate students to be proud of their past and to embrace and look forward to their future
  • To ensure close ties between the school,  parents and the community
  • To instill in students the value and beauty of diversity and to care about all other citizens of  the world, regardless of race, color, gender or personal creed, and to celebrate and respect these differences
  • To provide a safe, clean, healthy and caring educational environment that facilitates, optimizes and maximizes the learning process
  • To provide high quality educational opportunities and student-centered learning
    approaches consistent with Best Practices


  • We believe TIS is a place where all students can learn.
  • We have an obligation to teach every learner and expect all students to learn.
  • We believe in fostering a nurturing environment in which each child feels special and grows in self-esteem.
  • We believe that true education is a balance of academic success and moral values.
  • At TIS, strong parental participation is encouraged. We value close ties among children, staff, parents, and the community as a whole.
  • At TIS, we also believe that learning is an unending, lifelong process, whether formal or informal.
  • At TIS, we believe diversity is strength, and students are expected to understand, tolerate and respect all differences.